Welcome to TeddyPardo, High End Audio Products for the most demanding Audiophiles, at Outstanding Value.

Our goal at TeddyPardo is to provide a pure music listening experience that evokes the deepest emotions, and brings you closer than ever to the music.

We develop high end audio products that deliver an accurate, realistic and natural sound, with a sound signature that appeals to the most demanding audiophiles. At the same time, we believe that such high end products don’t have to be outrageously priced.

TeddyPardo has established a reputation for the world’s finest audio power supplies*. Our research and products have demonstrated the importance of high-quality power supplies in high end audio, and their contribution to sound quality. Based on our unique power supply technology and experience we developed our own DAC, power and pre amplifiers, which features unprecedented natural and analogue sound. These products provide sound quality and drive capabilities unparalleled in such size/price/weight combination.

We are constantly expanding our product family with new exciting products that have the same meticulous attention to quality, fidelity and design.

Questions: call us Toll-Free at 1844-297-6882 (USA, Canada), or +972-9-7428228 (Worldwide).


 *The heart of our power supplies is the SuperTeddyReg, an ultra low noise regulator which is also offered to the DIY community as a PCB or ready to use regulator.

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