This is how it all began...

My name is Teddy Pardo, founder and owner of TeddyPardo high end audio. In just a few amazing years, TeddyPardo has grown from a simple hobby and community service to a successful provider of high end audio products at affordable prices.

It all started when I was a kid. I loved listening to music and cared about how it sounded, so with a lot of drive and curiosity I decided to build my first amplifier. Experimenting with kits available in the 70's, I realized that they could be modified and improved. While others were playing outside, I learned to design amplifiers, and soon found myself building some for my friends based on my own designs.

During the 80's I heard a Linn/Naim system for the first time. I was speechless... I concluded that audio design is probably reserved for audio specialists, and abandoned my audio construction hobby (for a while...). Later, when I could afford it, I purchased my first LP12/Naim system.

Years passed, during which I graduated as a computer hardware and software engineer, held senior engineering management positions in start-ups and in large high tech companies (National Semiconductor, RadWare, Cisco). I married and raised a beautiful family.

Then, several years ago, I discovered DIY sites such as www.neilmcbride.co.uk, www.pinkfishmedia.netwww.acoustica.org.uk, and www.avondaleaudio.com, great sources of information and communities of great people. When I wanted to upgrade my Naim CDX player's power supply I concluded that the Naim XPS was way too expensive, and I resolved to try and build my own. My first power supply was a kind of XPS clone, and I knew it could be further improved...

Next I built a power supply to replace my Naim HiCap, and surprisingly found that it sounded better than the original. This was the first TeddyCap. I built another one for a friend, and the third one was sold on eBay. I was astounded by the success of this power supply and by the demand, so I built some more. Each TeddyCap was followed by thankful messages from new owners, describing their satisfaction by how it improved their audio experience, encouraging me to design more, and more models.

Being attached to the DIY community, I published my designs and continued to contribute and learn by being active member on various DIY and audio forums. Thousands of TeddyRegs and SuperTeddyRegs were built over these years and used to improve pre-amplifiers, CD players DACs, etc.

In 2008 I decided to realize my dream and turn my hobby into a full time occupation. The TeddyCap family grew and other models were introduced (DualTeddyCap, TeddyXPS, etc). In response to demand I started to build power supplies for the Logitech Squeezebox and other products that benefit from an external power supply.

Realizing the impact of the power supply on every stage of the circuit and armed with the experience gained while modifying Naim CD players, I resolved to build a no-compromise DAC, which unlike the majority of available DACs will not sound "digital". It took months of listen/improve cycles to obtain a result that made me almost abandon my LP12: my first standalone product, the TeddyDAC.

Encouraged by its success, I designed a new family of power amplifiers, the TeddyAmp. My goal was to create a reasonably sized and priced power amplifier family that sounds more "musical" than most of the available monster power amplifiers, and with drive capabilities unparalleled in such size/price/weight combination. I am hugely proud of the results, which speak for themselves.

Initially, TeddyPardo operated as a small business from my home basement, but as the demand and number of products increased, Teddy Pardo was created as a company and was moved to a larger location in the center of Israel.

Today, we employ a small manufacturing and logistics team. To assure the highest possible quality we developed proprietary measurement and test equipment, and I personally continue to test each and every product before it is being shipped.

I hope that you will enjoy our products as much as we enjoy making them!