DIN cables

Our power supplies for Naim equipment are provided with the necessary interconnect cables to connect them to a Naim preamplifier or CD player. If you need additional cables (see examples below) we can provide very good quality cables at a reasonable price. These cables are a replacement for the Naim Snaic cables and considered as superior.

Our RCA type interconnects are made using WBT NextGen plugs, matching the WBT NextGen sockets used in our equipment. These connectors are considered among the best connectors available and usually used only in extremely expensive equipment and interconnects.

All cables are screened, made of silver plated PTFE insulated wires, capacitance is around 13pF/ft, and resistance is also very low, around 10 milliohm/ft. Connectors are the same as the original Naim Snaic cables.

All cables are 1m length, please let us know if you need a different length.

Examples where additional cables are required:

- In order to power a Naim integrated amplifier such as the Nait or SuperNait an additional 4-pin cable is required.
- In order to power a phono stage such as the StageLine a 4-pin to 5-pin cable is required.
- In order to connect a Headline to a Hi-Cap output of a TeddyCap a 2-pin to 5-pin cable is required.

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