TeddyDAC-USB - 192kHz USB Digital to Analog Converter

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  • Inputs: USB

  • Voltage: 110-120V or 220-240V

  • Sample Rates: 44.1kHz, 48kHz, 88.2kHz,96kHz,192kHz 

  • Output Level: 2V (RCA)

  • Dimensions: 25x17x6.2cm

  • Weight: 1.8Kg

TeddyDAC-USB - 192kHz USB Digital to Analog Converter

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Regular Price: $1,249.00

Special Price $1,099.00


Same as the TeddyDAC but with a single USB input and including the 192kHz USB module

The goal in designing the TeddyDAC was to reproduce the most accurate, realistic and natural sound, free of digital artifacts, and to achieve an “analogue” sound signature that appeals even to the most demanding LP and vacuum tube amplifier owners. 

To achieve this goal a unique approach was taken, based on the understanding that the power supply is a major, if not the most critical, ingredient of the design.

The USB input module is based on the XMOS chip, enhanced by ultra low jitter clocks and our SuperTeddyReg ultra low noise power supply technology.



With the TeddyDAC, human voices sound as they sound in real life, orchestral music sounds detailed and three dimensional, just like in concert halls. The TeddyDAC contributes to many enjoyable listening hours without fatigue.


For more information read the TeddyDAC white paper or read the testimonials below.


TeddyDAC internals

Like all our products, the TeddyDAC comes with a 14 day satisfy or refund policy, and a 3 year warranty.


"I cannot explain what happened, but when I sat down and had another good listen I was met with probably the best digital sound I've experienced in my system!"

Read the full review on TNT audio

"We're settled into our new home here. So is your gear. I can't tell you how thrilled my wife and I are by the full DAC/Pre/ST60 rig. I have never heard more natural, thrilling sound from any system at any price, and I've heard some very, very expensive ones."

 "I have had the TeddyDAC D-A Converter for about a week now, connected to the Sonos (Signature.) It is absolutely stunning. I have never heard sound of this quality before - I can't imagine how it could ever be improved. Music has a sort of incredibly detailed 3D effect with amazing clarity and tight bass. Voices in particular sound as if the artist is in the room. My wife thought I was insane to spend what certainly to us, is a fair bit of money on this little black box - you should have seen her face when I played it for the first time - she sat up with me until 2am listening to it. I cannot speak too highly of this piece of kit. It is so impressive."

"I would like to let you know that I am very satisfied with the TeddyDac. My currently system is a squeezebox Touch with TeddyTouch psu, TeddyDac, Naim XS with TeddyCap and AudioVector speakers. I must say that your designs really lift the music to new levels."

"Dear Teddy, I just wanted to let you know that I have received your converter about 10 days ago, and I am thrilled with the sound of it!

I had the chance to compare it with a Weiss DAC2 and I like yours much better!!! The weiss was open, but the instruments sound less natural more electronic. The timbre are less  differentiated between the instruments.
This is the nice thing on yours it sounds more like the real instruments  and it is much more fun to listen to because you get more music! you obviously have understood something that many companies did not, even if they try there best to build hi quality material. So thank you very much"

I have now sold my very expensive DAC and replaced it with the TeddyDAC and my stereo has now the most amazing sound ever. Very impressive!!!

"I picked it up yesterday and it already sounds amazing!  I'm using it with Leben CS300XS and Devore Super8 speakers.  Compared to my Peachtree Nova, the sound is much more relaxed and natural.  It's like the difference between eating in-season fresh picked fruit and out-of-season fruit that's been sitting in a grocery store for 3 days.  :-)

Great stuff. "

From someone who owned a Naim DAC:

"Your DAC is just a different phase than Naim DAC with TeddyXPS. My speaker, Linn Isobarik Bricks become totally different speaker. I can hear clearly Glenn Gould' muttering sound in his Goldberg Variation playing. Base is deeper and tighter, clarity enhanced and easy listening to my ear. I can tell you this is a magic and what I wanted to have in my HIFI system so called hi-end."

"Pleased to say that the TeddyDac is now sounding great, just as you describe.  The combination of that with Naim Headine/TeddyCap and Sennheiser HD800’s is a much more natural and enjoyable sound to the M-Dac I have been comparing it to and suits me perfectly. I shall definitely be keeping it."

"The TeddyDAC is amazing. After just a couple hours of warming up, it felt like it was the LP12 playing the music, not my Squeezebox Touch. I recently spent almost the price of the TeddyDAC on a new cartridge, (which was badly needed). Sadly, I’m realizing it may not see that much use, given how good the TeddyDAC sounds. Very well done."

"Sound with the DAC is from first Moment better then the CD5 with TC. Voices are homogenous, clearer bass and more details.
I´m happy and curious of the next 3 Weeks."

"First impressions are favourable with a very analogue sound. In fact my wife thought that I was playing vinyl on my Kuzma deck when it was your DAC - marvellous!"

"the TeddyDAC is getting better and better as it runs in. I'm very, very happy about this purchase. The system is now very, very involving. Adding the TeddyDAC turned out to be MUCH MORE significant than adding the DualTeddyCap."

"Only 20 minutes listening, but the difference between the built-in DAC (warm and run in) and the cold and brand new Teddydac is huge!!!! I could not expect such a difference. No a/b testing yet. I'm just re-discovering my music collection and can't believe it will improve while breaking-in. There is more detail and a tighter, more controlled, deeper bass... But what attracts me most is how naturally music now flows. And how involving the new sound is."

"i installed the dac and was very astounded - it sounds like live - i can´t explain - thank you -"

"“Out of the box TeddyDAC performance is definitely better than my existing DAC and the DAC’s I auditioned by a significant margin. Those DAC’s I auditioned are from similar price point to more than doubled the TeddyDAC price.  I can immediately hear the difference once I powered on the unit. Sound wise TeddyDAC sounds very relaxing, the vocals and musical instruments sound closer to the real things, and soundstage is large and detailed. In summary, it sounds more natural, detailed and does not have the ‘digital’ sound harshness I used to hear from other DAC’s I auditioned. Full scale classical orchestra pieces also sound detailed and with very good instruments/vocal separation. Now I can listen to my CD collection for a long period of time without fatigue. After leaving the unit on and playing for a few days, the sound seems getting better. Well done.”"

"I am hooked with your DAC. The best I ever had. It is the perfect analogue sound!"

"Juste un mot rapide pour vous dire que je suis enchanté par votre DAC que je trouve exceptionnel !
Des timbres d'une grande justesse, une grande précision de la scène sonore avec de subtils détails jusque là jamais entendus !
Et enfin une écoute très "organique", "live" sur tous les CD, y compris les albums studio, c'est bluffant ! Couplé à la Dual Teddy Cap,
c'est magique !"





TeddyDAC won the first place "Best for Sound" against 7 other DACs in Hi-Fi World October 2011 DAC group test:

"The beats were hypnotics and the finale had a vividness that I am more used to hearing from my vinyl recording. It had an evenness and naturalness to the flow of sound that made it stand out..."

TeddyDAC received 5 globes for sound & build quality in Hi-Fi World September 2011:

"Bass is firm and well extended, and the trebele lacks the harsh edge, the digital artifacts you will hear from many of the Teddy Pardo's peers at all pice levels..."

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