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  • Dimensions: 47x30x23 mm


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The SuperTeddyReg is an ultra low noise voltage regulator that can be used for various applications such as audio preamplifiers, CD players (analogue stages and DAC), streamers (e.g. squeezbox), and many more.

The SuperTeddyReg is a multi stage regulator consisting of a voltage reference followed by a low-pass filter. Read more...

It is possible to buy the SuperTeddyReg built and tested or as bare PCB, kits are not available.

Note that the picture is for general description and components may vary according to circuit evolution and component availability

The input of the SuperTeddyReg is DC, and should be at least 5V above the output voltage. The maximal dropout depends on the current being drawn and the size of the heat sink.

As a general rule, current above few tens of mA will require heatsink.

* Current limit depends on the jfet version being used. Please specify if you need a current higher than 1A, but in any case the DIY version of the SuperTeddyReg is limite to 2A