PinkFishMedia Links

Pink Fish Media is one of the best sources for DIY and audio ideas. The following is a list of posts previously published on the Pink Fish Media DIY forum and that you may find useful.

General Tips and Tricks:

DIY SMT to DIL adapter
Explains how to build a simple adapter to solder SMT opamps on a DIL PCB.

Regulator Booster
Improve the performance of a 317 regulator by adding a Gyrator front end. A miniature strip board that can be used as a prop-in replacement to the 317

Naim CDX Modifications:

Pictures (preview) of my very modified CDX
Some ideas for CDX modifications

CDX reverse engineering
Details regarding the CDX internals

TeddyReg and PowerReg:

The best regulator I've built so far
The first TeddyReg thread

Howto: TeddyReg
The first TeddyReg thread became long and too difficult to follow, this one was supposed to be shorther...

Howto: accelerated TeddyReg
How to accelerate the start time of the TedyReg

Introducing the PowerReg
A regulator for power amplifiers

Howto: TeddyCap
Building a CRCRC network for the TeddyReg

SuperReg (ALWSR) Modifications:

Replacing the ALWSR's pre-regulator by a VBE
The TeddyCap history

Naim Phono Stage Modifications:

Pictures of my new phono pre-amp
Modifications to Naim phono stage, including regulators

NCC200 Modifications:

Regulating NCC200 front end, and other tips
Adding a front end regulator to Avondale NCC200 power amplifier, applicable also to Naim power amplifiers.