DualTeddyCap - Replaces two HiCaps and Napsc


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  • Power output: 4x24V, 18V

  • Mains Supply: 110-120V or 220-240V

  • Dimensions: 24x16x6 cm

DualTeddyCap - Replaces two HiCaps and Napsc

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The DualTeddyCap is equivalent to two TeddyCap and in addition it includes a napsc compatible output. Each part of the DualTeddyCap has an independent transformer secondary and can be used independently.

The DualTeddyCap is the ideal partner for the NAC82/NAC282 preamplifiers, substituting three power supplies (two Hicaps and a Napsc) and furthermore, providing superior sound quality.

Alternatively it can be used to power up to 3 Naim equipment items simultaneously.

Configuration examples:

  • NAC102/202 + CD5 (powering both the the HiCap and Napsc parts of the preamplifier)
  • NAC72 + CD3.5
  • NAC102/202 + Stageline
  • SuperNait + CD5X

And many other combinations...

The DualTeddyCap is an improvement over the HiCap/2/DR, which is achieved by using a superior design and high quality components to provide the best possible sound quality.
The design is based on the experience gained with the original TeddyCap mk1 and mk2, and provides even better performance.


In general, you’ll experience more clarity, tighter bass, more detail, better dynamics, natural voices, better soundstage and PRaT.

For more information about the TeddyCap family of power supplies read here...


The TeddyCap is equipped with three interconnect cables:

- Two high quality 5-pin cables replacing the Naim black SNAIC-5 cable. These cables are made of silver plated PTFE insulated wires. The cable capacitance is around 13pF/ft, and its resistance is also very low, around 10 milliohm/ft.

- A third cable is supplied for connecting the napsc output.


  • Better sound quality
  • Smaller size
  • No tranfdormer hum
  • Requires only one mains socket and power cord (instead of three)
  • Does not require maintenance or recapping
  • Lower cost


"The shipping was Perfect, i test both PSU five days –the DualTeddy sounds perfect, better than the Naim Hicap DR, So I will sell my N-Hicap DR."

"Thank you for a swift delivery of the Dual TeddyCap. It sounds great. Still needs to be run in but I'm hearing more controlled, deeper bass; better resolution of all elements of the music e.g. voices have much more to hear; dynamics are better - drums leap out now. It had also produced a sound stage from my Naim setup. Above all it had markedly increased my enjoyment of the music. I can strongly recommend your power supply"

"just been home at lunchtime to open my new Dual Teddy package which arrived while I was tracking it...great speedy delivery. I'm immediately bowled over by the neatness of the unit before plugging in the leads. Disconnected my Hicap and NAPSC Psu's and fired it up. Put on some Santana live CD and Woooh! The room was alive!!!! I could tell an immediate improvement in sound quality, in fact a step change. It go better over a period on 45mins but I had to get back to work. I've left it on and ready. I am so looking forward to getting home tonight to try some vinyl's and putting my old PSU's on Ebay!!!. Many thanks for what I think will be a worth while upgrade to my NAIM set up.

"hi teddy, i love the dualteddycap big time. thanks so much. i'm surprised so much power could come from such a tiny box!"

"First I'd like to say congrats and thank you for making these decent power supplies of yours! I recently replaced an old FlatCap2 with a MK3 version of your TeddyCap, and was very surprised by the improvements. Being smaller and noticeably lighter, I wasn't sure what to expect... but it's clearly better all around and they're great value for money considering the cost of a hi-cap."

"I expected so. The power supply is excellent, a massive step up from the Naim Flatcap2X I was using previously. I appreciate the power supply will improve further as the burnin continues. It really is a great product. Thank you."

"Thank you for Dual Teddy Cap. It have made a revolution in my system!
It is absolutely neccesary for the cd5xs, and also improves nait xs sound, 
I can not belive that such a small thing makes such a difference !"

"I have to say that I never heard so much details from my system. Some say that Naim is not recognize to project a big and precise sound image. I have now to disagree completely : it's huge, in 3D, and simply gorgeous. It's so good that I have to give this advice to someone considering a Naim system : don't put all your money on the more expensive preamp and amp, and instead buy a dual Teddy Pardo power supply to use with a cheaper Naim preamp. You'll spend about the same amount, but the result will be so much better..."

DualTeddyCap against Naim SuperCap:

"That’s the dual teddycap here put it on to warm up for a couple of hours then had a listen, all I can say is it sounds incredible . Then we compared it to the Naim supercap the dual teddycap is a lot better the bass is tighter the soundstage is more open the instruments sound more realistic and more foot tapping rhythm, it sounds as if it is a real drum playing not just bass boom, and it is not run in yet, it’s going away for my Christmas, thanks teddy pardo for designing a great product"


"My first impression of the TC is, how could one manage without one earlier?? A real lift to the experience, this one is a keeper!"

"Finally had time tonight to integrate the TC3 into the set up. It was a f*** me moment i can tell you. Was good, now MUCH better. This little box is awesome. Well done mate.."

"I hooked up the DTC last night and  Wow....am very impressed with the improvement in sound."

"I've had the Teddycap for a month now and I have to say that it is brilliant! Everything is so much clearer and more natural so many thanks. I do now wonder why Naim have not developed the Hi-Cap when clearly {no pun intended} it could be improved and thereby the whole system is better ,all they seem interested in is putting the same old electronics into a new case!"

"I power my nait xs and my stageline and there is no doubt in my mind that there is a great sound improvement. I just ordered another TeddyCap to supply my cd5 xs."

"I received my dual Teddycap this morning, thank you. I don't know how much comes from the nac 282 and how much from the TC, but the sound is amazing beyond belief!! The 250.2 (connected to my Naimuniti) alone was already much better than my previous Icos 260 amp, but now it's really fantastic. Thanks for the quick delivery as well"

"I should also add that the main reason I am buying another Teddycap is that it absolutely trounces the Naim HiCap alternative that I had on loan. It has transformed the sound of my Naim system positively in just about every respect. In short everything is so much more real and tangible. With the HiCap although improved, it was still just listening to recorded music. The fact that you can sell the equivalent of 2 HiCaps for half the price of one and throw in a NAPSC is simply astonishing."

"A la réception de mon CD5X, j' ai pu enfin tester votre alimentation sur ma chaîne complète. La DualTeddyCap est MAGNIFIQUE! Nous avons pu, avec ma femme, constater une amélioration dans tous les domaines et principalement sur la justesse des timbres et la transparence, ce qui est particulièrement appréciable avec la musique classique."

"First thing that hit me is the build quality of the box.
Simply first class, this baby puts many "commercial" products to shame.
Anyway, I just fired it up a couple of hours ago and whoa - your Cap has really made my NAC 202 sing!
I mean "everything" and especially the vocals are so crisp & clear, the sound almost attacks your face and rips it off.. I consider this a good thing! :) And being a bass player myself, I can't tell you how much I appreciate the new level of definition with bass lines and bass in general.
It's simply stunning how the bit "boomy" low end has been replaced by kung-fu grip control and precision.
I'm in awe."

"I received the DualTeddyCap today. It works perfectly and sounds much better than my FlatCap 2x.  Frankly speaking, it's the most valuable upgrade on my Hi-Fi system so far. Thank you for creating such wonderful machine and I really enjoy it very much."

"How does it sound, well after only 24 hours plugged into my 82 where it replaced a single HiCap - the answer is superb.  I'm currently listening to Alison Krauss and Robert Plant and the voices are simply beautiful.  Strangely the tonal balance of the amplifier seems better too. Can't wait for it to warm up some more!"

"Thanks again Teddy got my DualTeddy in 5 days and wow sounds incredible right out of the box,not sure if it was already burnt in but with my 202/200 it blows away my Supernait and Uniti and thats just hooked to my pc  (I am awaiting my new CD5Xs)...good stuff.You must have a gift!!"

"Hi Teddy, My first impressions of the Dual-teddycap3 are very good. The NAC282 sounds much better compared to one Highcap/NAPSC.Clearer bass (the wooly Naim-typical Midbass has gone) The highs have more resolution.It sounds naimlike very consistent and neutral. You made a great job. Thanks very much for such a good tool.I wonder to buy a teddycap for the Naim Cd-player 3.5"

"I have been testing PSU for my Supernait over the last few months. I managed to borrow an old olive HiCap for 4 weeks - Then a Dual TC for a weekend. I do not need a DTC for the Supernait, but the dual has the same internals for a single TC test."

"To my ears & in my system the TC-III & HiCap sound is similar but there are clear differences in 2 areas. The bass area is were both PSU’s show the most obvious change over a bare Supernait. The TC-III has no noticeable weight gain in the upper bass regions but does have nice progressive gain towards lower bass giving an impression of better & deeper bass. The HiCap bass is at first more impressive throughout the whole bass range. But with my system it became tiring on bass heavy material at higher volumes. 
The second main difference is the more open natural & airy presentation. The TCIII appears to be slightly better in this area, maybe less veiled & maybe closer to the stage front than the HiCap. But in all other areas the changes are +/- the same. Both make good improvements to Supernait, better stereo & improved textural detail, simply just more realistic. Final point is (IMO) the TC-III does not change the Naim “sound” any more than does the HiCap; If anything the famous Naim PRaT is even better. "

"TBH if the only choice was HiCap I would be happy, but my reasons for not choosing HiCap; bass prominence, less open presentation & transformer hum."