PSUs for Naim

These power supplies were designed to replace the Naim FlatCap, HiCap, SuperCap, and XPS power supplies in Naim Audio systems. They provide advantages over the original products at fraction of the cost, they provide cleaner DC resulting in better sound quality, they don't hum, they are smaller in size, and do not requiure recapping every 10 years.

In addition we offer dedicated power supplies for the UnitiServe and for the Headline.

Comparing with the original Naim power supplies, these power supplies provide a higher level of resolution, better transparency, more detail, larger 3D soundstage, deeper and more controlled bass.

The TeddyPardo power supplies have a major advantage over the original Naim products, they don't require maintenance or recapping. The performance of the large electrolytic capacitors used by the HiCap or XPS degrade over time and they need to be replaced every 10 years or so. Recapping is an expensive operation that requires sending the power supply for servicing. If you buy a used Naim power supply it will most likely require recapping. Our power supplies are disigned differently and don't rely on the performance of the large elctrolityc capacitors.

The power supply has a major role in sound quality, in many cases more than the circuit design and the component choice. People often ask themselves whether they should replace their preamplifiers or buy a power supply. In this aspect It is worth mentioning that most Naim preamplifiers are based on the same amplification circuitry and differ in their ability to connect more/better power supplies.

The TeddyPardo power supplies are the fruit of several years of design and intensive tests, read more about the technical aspects in power supplies under the hood.

We offer several power supplies for Naim equipment, including different combinations of multi HiCap/Napsc functionality in a single case. The TeddyCap replaces a single HiCap, the TeddyCapPlus replaces a HiCap and a Napsc, the DualTeddyCap replaces two HiCaps and a Napsc, the TeddyXPS replaces a Naim XPS, and the TeddySuperCap replaces a Naim SuperCap. The following table summarizes the differences between the models.


  2x24V (hicap)
2 Pin
4-pin audio
TeddyCap   -  -
TeddyCapPlus   1  napsc
DualTeddyCap   napsc  -
TeddySuperCap   - NAC52/252/ SNAXO/SuperLine 
TeddyXPS   - XPS 
TeddyXPS-Plus  - XPS-Plus
(NDS/ND555 Upgrade Socket #2)
UnitiServePS   5.5mm  -
TeddyHeadline   napsc


Each HiCap repplacement section in the DualTeddyCap is independent, and performs the same as having two intependent TeddyCaps and a Napsc.

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