TeddySuperCap - Replaces Naim SuperCap


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  • Power output: 13x24V, 2x13V

  • Mains Supply: 110-120V or 220-240V

  • Dimensions: 2x 24x16x6 cm

TeddySuperCap - Replaces Naim SuperCap

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The TeddySuperCap replaces the Naim SuperCap and provides superior performance. The TeddySuperCap is the ideal partner for the NAC52/NAC252 preamplifiers, SuperLine, or Snaxo.

Just like the Naim SuperCap, It can also be used to substitute two HiCaps.

The TeddySuperCap is a two case power supply, one containing a custom designed transformer and the other containing the electronic circuits.

The TeddySuperCap is an improvement over the SuperCap/DR, which is achieved by using a superior design and high quality components to provide the best possible sound quality.

The design is based on the experience gained with the original TeddyCap, and provides even better performance.


In general, you’ll experience more clarity, tighter bass, more detail, better dynamics, natural voices, better soundstage and PRaT.

For more information about the TeddyCap family of power supplies read here...


Naim preamplifiers, crossovers, and phonostages require different types of Burndy cable. For this reason the Burndy cable is provided with the Naim pre amplifier rather than with the power supply

The TeddySuperCap is equipped with one interconnect cable connecting the transformer case to the electronic circuits case. A Burndy cable can be purchased separately.

Please note that althogh the Burndy socket on the TeddySuperCap looks similar to the XPS/TeddyXPS socket, the TeddySuperCap can not be used instead of a XPS/TeddyXPS as the voltage is different.


  • Better sound quality
  • Smaller size
  • Does not require maintenance or recapping
  • Lower cost

Shipping is by registered mail in two cases and usually takes 1-2 weeks. Please contact us for express mail if required (note that express mail requires customs declaration).


"Comparing the 252 and the SC v TSC I was expecting more of the same. It just didn't turn out that way. The TSC is just better at all of it. More detail, tighter bass, more foot taping rhythm. I fully expected to face a similar choice that I experienced on the 282; more detail or more brutishness. 

During the 252/TSC/SC experiment, I just lost patience with the SC. It is simply just not as good. Everything is better with the TSC. That said I would prefer a more substantial packaging, but TBH that's about it. An excellent piece of kit"

"Well, the HiCap adds a lot of everything to the mix (to its credit)...but unfortunately the increase of colouration is exponentional.  TSC is running full time now and the soundstage is already opening up even more but even more important the classic NAIM prat remains.
I'm using PRoAc D18 speakers, well known for their NAIM match and superb midrange, and voices just sound so natural now."