TeddyXPS-Plus - Power supply for Naim NDS/ND555 Analog Section (Upgrade Socket #2)


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  • Power output: +/- 22V, +/- 22V,  +/- 16V

  • Mains Supply: 110-120V or 220-240V

  • Dimensions: 24x16x6 cm

TeddyXPS-Plus - Power supply for Naim NDS/ND555 Analog Section (Upgrade Socket #2)

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The TeddyXPS-Plus is a power supply that was designed specifically for Naim's Network Players, NDS and ND555, where it will power those players' analog section, in combination with the well-known TeddyXPS powering the digital section. The combination of TeddyXPS and TeddyXPS-Plus, makes for a two-box solution that is fully compatible with 555 power supplies, featuring our superb SuperTeddyReg regulator technology.


The NaimNDS network player can be upgraded in two levels of power supplies:

Level 1: the NDS is powered by the TeddyXPS power supply,  using a link-plug on power supply upgrade socket#2. In this case, the TeddyXPS will power both analog and digital sections.

Level 2, by removing the link-plug, the TeddyXPS will power only the digital section, and the TeddyXPS-Plus will power the analog section, offering the highest level of sound quality at a very attractive cost.

Seperating the analog and digital sections power supplies and using a combination of TeddyXPS and TeddyXPS-Plus is the most cost effective upgrade package to Naim NDS and ND555 network players.

The TeddyXPS-Plus is based on the same regulator technology found in other TeddyPardo power supplies, with extremely low noise levels read here...

The TeddyXPS-Plus can only be used with the Naim NDS and ND555, in a two box configuration along with TeddyXPS or Naim compatible supplies.


The TeddyXPS-Plus can be used with Naim Burndy cable marked #2, as well as TeddyPardo XPS-Plus Burndy cable. Our Burndy cables are made of independently screened cables, each of them is made of PTFE/Silver plated wires. 

The Effect

When using our two-box solution, a combination of TeddyXPS and TeddyXPS-Plus, the picture becomes much clearer, with a sharper soundstage, more detail, extended highs, extended and firmer bass, human voices sound more natural, and an overall smoother, and less aggressive and fatiguing sound.


  • Better sound quality
  • Smaller size
  • No transformer hum
  • Does not require maintenance or recapping
  • Lower cost

I'm already using Naim NDS with TeddyXPS, do I need to replace it ?

Absolutely not. The TeddyXPS-Plus makes for a simple upgrade path to Naim NDS owners who use our TeddyXPS or any of Naim's XP variants -- just remove the link plug and add TeddyXPS-Plus to NDS Upgrade Socket #2, with a dedicated Burndy cable, marked #2.

Can I use TeddyXPS-Plus together with a Naim Power Supply ?

Yes, the TeddyXPS-Plus makes for a cost effective upgrade path even when you are not using TeddyXPS, just remove the Link-Plug from Upgrade Socket #2, and plug in the TeddyXPS-Plus with Burndy Cable #2.

Can I use TeddyXPS-Plus with other Naim Network Players (e.g. NDX-2 etc) ?

At this stage, the combination of TeddyXPS and TeddyXPS-Plus can only be used with Naim NDS and ND555.