TeddyXPS - Replaces Naim XPS


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  • Power output: +/- 22V, +/- 10V, 2x 15V

  • Mains Supply: 110-120V or 220-240V

  • Dimensions: 24x16x6 cm

TeddyXPS - Replaces Naim XPS

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The TeddyXPS is a power supply which was designed to improve the performance of Naim CD players such as the CDX, CDX2, CDS2, CDS3, the Naim HDX, the Naim ND5XS/NDX/NDX-2/NDS, the NAC272, the Naim DAC, etc. It is compatible with the original Naim XPS/XPS2 power supplies but uses superior circuitry to provide even better performance.


The Naim CDX CD player, the NDX/HDX, and the Naim DAC incorporate a built-in economical power supply, but were designed to be upgradable with an external power supply, the XPS, which significantly improves their performance. The Naim XPS uses the same circuitry as the internal power supply, and the main reason for the improvement achived by the Naim XPS is related to the fact that the internal power supply has only three power rails while the external has six. In addition to providing six power rails, the TeddyXPS uses a superior regulation circuitry, the SuperTeddyReg.

The power supply is one of the most important and critical factors in sound quality. As described above, a significant improvement can be achieved, even by simply splitting the power supply to independent power rails. This effect can also be demonstrated by adding a second HiCaps with the NAC82/282. The original XPS uses a basic regulation circuit, the same circuit used in all Naim power supply, which is based on a monolithic linear regulator the LM317 (or the LM337 for the negative rails). More improvement can be achieved by using an ultra low noise power supply such as the SuperTeddyReg. This regulator which was originally designed for the TeddyCap and demonstrated great success was later adapted to be used for the TeddyXPS. For more information about the TeddyCap family of power supplies read here...

The TeddyXPS can be used with the Naim NAC272, NDX, NDS, and ND5XS.


The TeddyXPS is equipped with a very high quality Burndy replacement cable. This cable is made of three independently screened cables, each of them is made of PTFE/Silver plated wires. One cable carries the power for the analogue circuits, one for the DAC circuits, and one for the motor and control circuits. Having each cable independently screened gives better separation between them. This cable is included with the TeddyXPS.

The Effect

Better soundstage, more detail, extended and more open sound (cymbals last longer), extended and firmer bass, human voices sound more natural, and an overall smoother, and less aggressive and fatiguing sound.


  • Better sound quality
  • Smaller size
  • No transformer hum
  • Does not require maintenance or recapping
  • Lower cost


"Hi Teddy, The TeddyPardo XPS arrived last week and I connected it immediately to my Naim NDX-2. I wasn't expecting such a dramatic improvement. I was expecting a sound improvement in the line of a new better interlink or power cable. But this is a complete different ballgame. The bass is deeper and more controlled and treble much more refined. The soundstage is amazing. An interlink or power cable upgrade with improved definition normally gives you a brighter or even harsher sound. On the contrary with the Teddy, more definition AND less harshness, amazing. And the typical Naim attributes of the sound stay intact, wow. Before I purchased the Naim NDX-2, I also auditioned the older model, the Naim NDX, and I thought the NDX-2 was definitely worthwhile the extra cash. But I have to say, the difference between the NDX-2 and the NDX in terms of sonic behaviour is far less than the NDX-2 WITH and without the Teddy XPS!! So to all Naim aficionados, do yourself a big favour, and get a Teddy XPS. Your music will sound so much better! "

"I have now had a TeddyXPS powering my Naim NDX streamer for several weeks, so this is not a snap judgment but a well considered one: absolutely astonishing! I have never heard music come alive in my room with such breathtaking realism. Essentially I am lost for words."

"Hi Teddy, I must say it; your TeddyXPS is a most amazing audio product i've ever owned and listened to. CDX2 + external power supply sound almost like an analogue. The sound is so smooth, i can listen to music almost all the time. It appear many details, which i didn't hear before. Great respect for you."

"Hi Teddy, I just wanted to say that I am truly delighted with your XPS. It does all you claim, and I consider it to represent one of my most cost-effective hifi purchases ever - the bass and soundstage were transformed immediately and the treble became more detailed and smooth after a little burn-in. Overall it simply sounds natural, and its performance has definitely surpassed my expectations. It also arrived in four days, so it made it in time for my birthday. Thanks for everything and keep up the great work!"

"I'm still amazed what an upgrade the TeddyXPS is to my NaimDAC! I'm enjoying listening to my system everyday now. The first stunning results came after 3 days of burn-in. What an incredible evolution! Everyday it sounded a bit different. After 3 weeks, it finally revealed its real talent! I never disconnected it since. Impossible. I got the NaimDAC when it was launched, but I only discovered its real value by adding the TeddyXPS. Big thanks for that!"

"Hi Teddy -- just to say I received the XPS last Tuesday and have now let it burn in for a week. As promised, it has significantly lifted the performance of the CDX2. I've always been happy with the player as a standalone product, quite enjoying its slightly rough-round-the-edges, meaty sound. But I must say, the XPS has given it great finesse and really improved things all round. I find that particularly with live CDs the effects are very pronounced, it seems to intensify the "live" feeling. I am now intrigued by your power amps"

"It is a wonderful piece of kit! My Naim DAC is really another device now that your PS is connected to it. Your TeddyXPS brings every improvement that you describe on your web site. It is amazing, magical. Congratulations!"

"Slowly the sound was improving, and now, after two full weeks with the power permanently on, the combination of CDX2 and TeddyXPS – and very fine CDs, of course – is able to produce really stunning music. 
Best it is, in my opinion, at percussion, piano, also harpsichord, plucked instruments like guitar, luth etc., and voices. 
But it is also gracious with not-so-perfect recordings."

"Without knowing the performance of the original Naim power supplies XP5 XS or XPS, I am very happy with your TeddyXPS and can recommend it to everyone willing to improve the performance of a Naim CDX2 dramatically, without having to spend dramatically much money ;-)"

"Hi Teddy, teddyxps arrived yesterday afternoon and has now been powered into the system for about 20 hours. 
My goodness, it's lifted this cd player into another dimension. 
I'm currently listening to the Shirley Horn track "Don't Let the Sun Catch You Cryin'" from her "You won't Forget Me" album. It has great bass, female voice, piano, muted trumpet, cymbals all on the one track - great for assessing systems.  So this is five minutes later - the Miles Davis grabbed me and I had to go and listen. Musicality big plus, atmosphere ditto, bass more pronounced, probably has a way to go yet to achieve its best. Etc. Huge improvement in personal interaction with the music. 
More later. Thank you sir for what is obviously a quality product. Add to that your equally professional communication. A+++ in my book. "

"First of all I have to say, wow ! I wasn't expecting such a dramatic improvement in sound.  Instantly greater detail, separation and soundstage. It also improves the dynamic range. The bass is deeper and more powerful and trebles sharper. Overall music sounds much clearer, it has some punch at all frequencies.  Can't believe a power supply could have such an impact and can't wait for it to burn in properly.  It's hard to know what the major limiting factor is in a system.  In my case it was the CD player. My speakers are well known for their bass depth. It's only now I've actually heard what they are capable of."

"I have been running your XPS on my CDX2 with Supernait/TC-III for the last 3 weeks & am so pleased with the results I feel I owe you some feedback. The first impression is a more finely detailed sound with space & separation around the instruments. Next it’s apparent the sound is more natural with a sense of listening to real people & real instruments. Vocal delivery has inflections & nuances that add emotions are now easier to hear, the same with instrumental techniques, I am now more aware of timing & phrasing. With voice, acoustic & electric the individual sound signature of each is far more apparent & with voice its now easier to understand those hard to follow passages. I will not elaborate too much on the bass & treble changes as this is covered by so many in other testimonials. Dynamics & leading edge attack is improved as though a level of compression is lifted. Bass has less fat but more muscle with a better feel of power. The whole audio spectrum tonal pallet, timbre, detail & texturing has stepped up to another level. Mid & treble detail, clarity & refinement is all improved, especially so when the much improved spacial effects of stereo come into play. The stereo stage is wider & deeper with a clearer 3D effect & this together with the ability pin-point & put space around the individual musicians is most pleasing. Pleased is an understatement - highly recommended - thanks

"Regarding a power supply for my Naim DAC, I really wanted it to be the original Naim (I'd got a really good offer on one) but to my big surprise I sticked to the TeddyXPS. The difference in sound the two power supplies give is mind boggling. Sometimes I miss "something" from the the Naim XPS sound but in balance your little box makes much more sense. Congratulations!"

"Hello Teddy,

TeddyXPS has arrived. I would like to inform you my feeling of your product. Straight out of the box, it really removes harshness of the sound, makes the sound stage deeper, and listening becomes much more relaxing and no fatigue. I have listened for hours to CDs I am familar with and it has brought me new experience of my old CDs. I have no chance to compare it with Naim XPS, but your XPS really brings sound to favorable directions from all aspects.


"I just received it today & connected to Naim DAC.  Sounds Great!!!  really a big step forward from a standalone nDac.  All the harshness is gone!  Thx!"

"I received your XPS this afternoon, it took only 2 working days to arrive! I connected it up to my Naim CDS3 and after 6 hours solid listening to favourite CDs I am thrilled. I was expecting a substantial increase in detail and realism compared to my Nain CD5i and I have not been disappointed. The Teddy XPS has enabled me to enjoy high-end sound at a fraction of the cost of a Naim XPS. Well done Sir ! I will certainly recommend you to my friends."

"In fact, the xps is getting better and better as time goes by. It is no doubt a worthy upgrade, which was even surprised my wife. As what you said, i didnt note any noticeable difference when i removed the quality cable from the xps. I am looking forward to get the ultimate performance of xps after fully burned in few weeks later. Thanks"

"Now, I've just finished my first hear session with the TeddyXPS. It was not easy to finish.
I heard akustic guitar and Alan Parsons Project. Sometimes I cried snot and water. Unbelievable! I've not known, that so much emotions can come from CD.
The playback is quiter and cleaner. More rich, more from everything. More layed back, not "shout in the face". Thank you for this experience"

"Many thanks for prompt delivery of the Teddy XPS which I installed for nearly 2 weeks running in my naim CDS2 in place of my Naim XPS1 and burndy. We immediately noticed a fundamental improvement in clarity, definition, instrumental timbres and lack of digital haze which all improved day by day. Pace, rhythm and timing are all there as well."

"Altogether a first class product that has brought my cd collection back to life and banished listener fatigue. I am very grateful for that and look forward to a Teddy Supercap perhaps in the future?"

"Hi Teddy, Have had a few days to let your XPS ps get up to speed and my CDX2 sounds "WONDERFUL". Goosh!, I'm impressed....really. nice and clean sounding. Thanks very much!!"

"Delighted to advise that the TeddyXPS arrived this morning (took only 2 days - door to door - to be delivered !). What a beautiful and neat piece of kit (together with the supplied "Burndy" cable), great packing and staightforward instructions. Kudos !
I set it up in my rack next to a gigantic (!) Hicap2 and let it warm up and stabilise a bit for 3 hours before switching it off for connecting to my CDX2: Wham! I must confess that, initially, I was only expecting a slight improvement  by inserting a 'un-run in' PSU out of the box and therefore was not prepared to hear what I am now listening to (rather say enjoying...) while writting to you :
- More detail yet not 'in your face', more spacious image (depth and width) and sweeter treble !

- Tighter and better controlled bass but retaining Naim full bodied- 'live' signature sound

- In short : more of everything and less of well known nasties associated with a bare CDX2 "

"I have connected it up and had a quick listen, and it does indeed make a very significant difference - but you already knew that, of course :-)
I will spend some more time listening over the next few days, but first impressions are very favourable indeed. As well as sounding fantastic, the PSU also looks great. It is only a little bigger than my NAPSC, and blends in nicely with my Naim black boxes."

"The TeddyXPS arrived last week and has delivered a big improvement straight out of the box.  I had a Naim XPS2 on home demo for a short while and the TeddyXPS gives the same improvement in detail and imaging - I'm looking forward to letting it bed in for a couple of weeks."

"This is just to let you know that the XPS arrived today. Just installed it and it on my dac, and what I hear is simply amazing. Reading in your manual that the sounds gets even better once it has burned in makes me feel exciting."

"I have thought, the Naim HDX was good - until I have heard it with the XPS. Now I know that I have missed the "iceing of the cake". "

"As I have said earlier, the system sounds much, much better than before, and I will post a suitable link on the Pink Fish Media, and not rave on about it here too much, but I am very disappointed in Naim really, I have spent a great deal of money, only to have a mush of noise, uncontrolled bass, narrow sound stage etc. You have brought my system to life, almost as if the speakers have been playing in their boxes! I now have a wider sound stage, much more detail, bass extension (controlled), and all this with the unit plugged in. I don’t even have to wait for a burn in period, it is as clear as night and day."

"i have now had the PSU running for approx 30 hours on my CDS3.I am comparing with an XPS2
What can I say - the sound is less forward than the XPS2, but is clearer, base tighter, and highs smoother which showed up that there is a level of distortion harshness present to the highs on the XPS2."

"Hi again Teddy. Well it’s connected and up and running. And yes there’s a serious difference and burning in to go. First indications;

  • Harshness at top end is gone
  • More dynamic
  • Bass is Firmer
  • Individual music sources (in the overall ) are more separate (never though that was possible)
  • Oh yes and it’s even more “foot tappy”
  • Naim PRAT without any harshness

Ill burn it in and then listen to the Sheffield lab Cd’s and then write the testimonials. Thanks Teddy, the Cd sounds almost like the Linn"

"Hi Teddy, Xps came on thursday. My system is now Cdx2/Xps Supernait/Teddycap and Guru Qm-10. I have been playing music the whole weekend and I have to say that your xps got a really nice and smooth presentation. Every bit of harshness and edginess is gone. I liked my Cdx2, but now that your Teddy Xps is in place I feel like everything sounds more natural, analogue. There were few cd´s I did not feel like listening before, but that is not the case anymore. Even my wife does not mind me cracking volume, which really impresses me!;) Everything feels like making more sense. Thanks for the great update again. "

"Having previously posted my impressions of the naim/Teddy comparison I have reviewed this and........................... I must be deaf. 
I have just sat for the past two weeks running the Teddy XPS/CDSII. The bass is definitely tighter & more controlled and slower if you understand. Mids are extremely articulate & highs are very well controlled and not at all shouty. 
This is apparent in all genres. I feel that the presentation of many pieces has been bought under control or appears more orderly. I plugged in the Naim XPS to warm it up & connected it to the CDSII & played The Chain back to back. Teddy won hands down. Then repeated Coming back to life back to back, more echo in the Gilmour vocal with the Teddy & it won hands down. I carried on with various favorites for a couple of hours with the same results. I wonder why I did not hear this before (must be the cloth ears)? So chaps Teddy XPS vs Naim XPS Teddy wins hands down. "