TeddyDAC review on TNT Audio

"I cannot explain what happened, but when I sat down and had another good listen I was met with probably the best digital sound I've experienced in my system!"

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TeddyDAC won the first place "Best for Sound" against 7 other DACs in Hi-Fi World October 2011 DAC group test:

"The beats were hypnotics and the finale had a vividness that I am more used to hearing from my vinyl recording. It had an evenness and naturalness to the flow of sound that made it stand out..."


TeddyDAC received 5 globes for sound & build quality in Hi-Fi World September 2011:

"Bass is firm and well extended, and the trebele lacks the harsh edge, the digital artifacts you will hear from many of the Teddy Pardo's peers at all pice levels..."


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PR1 and MB100 on 6moons

This combo was sweet and dynamic as hell despite the modest power rating. It had excellent bass extension and a shimmering top end. The midrange was such that well-recorded female vocals such as Holly Cole’s traversal through Tom Waits (DSD download) had me glued to my seat.

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